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Independence - Freedom – Happiness

No. 15-CP

Hanoi, March 4, 1994





- Pursuant to the Law on the Organization of the Government dated September 30, 1992;
- Pursuant to the Government Decree No.15-CP dated March 2, 1993 on duties, rights and responsibilities for exercising State management of the Ministries and Ministerial-level Offices;
- In consideration of the proposals of the Minister of Construction and the Minister-Head of the Government Commission on Organization and Personnel ,


Article 1. The Ministry of Construction is a Government agency which exercises State management over activities relating to construction, constructional materials, housing, public works and architecture, planning for urban and rural development in the whole country.

Article 2. The Ministry of Construction shall have the duties, powers and responsibilities as State manager as the Ministry or Ministerial-level offices stipulated in Decree No.15-CP dated March 2, 1993 by the Government. They are:

1. Studying and drafting strategies and major measures to be submitted to the Government, for the development of housing and public works construction and building materials, master-plans for construction of urban center of 2 grades upward, key industrial zones and special economic areas in accordance with the requirements for socio - economic development of the country, providing guidance to and supervising the implementation of the same subject to Government approval.




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3. Being mainly responsible for reviewing or reviewing within its authority various planning designs, engineering designs for construction projects in accordance with Government stipulations, collecting and uniformly collating data and other documents concerning surveys and designs of Government-controlled projects.

4. Organizing the State quality verification of construction projects.

5. Exercising State management over State-owned houses and villas in accordance with Government stipulations provided for in Decree No.51-CP dated in August 10, 1993.

6. Exercising State management over urban public works (including roads, water mains and drainage, street-lights, trees, environmental hygiene) and rural residential clusters.

7. Managing and issuing permits to those doing business in construction and manufacture of building materials in accordance with the relevant stipulations of the Government.

8. Directing the supervision of the use of construction land within the framework of approved planning and in accordance with the provisions of the Land Law.

Article 3. The organizational structure of the Ministry of Construction is composed of:

1. Bodies assisting the Minister in exercising State management:

- The Department for Housing Management;




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- The Department for Management of Architecture, Planning of Urban-Rural and Public Works Construction, or the Department for Architectural and Planning Management.

- The Department for Control of Construction Materials ;

- The Department for Construction Policies ;

- The Department for Organization-Personnel ;

- The Board of Inspection ;

- The Department for Planning and Statistics ;

- The Department for Finance and Accounting ;

- The Department for International Cooperations ;

- The Department for Science-Technology ;




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2. Non-profit bodies under the Ministry :

- The Urban and Rural Planning Institute ;

- The Institute for Construction Science and Technology ;

- The Institute for Construction Standardization ;

- The Institute for Construction Economy ;

- The Institute for Constructional Materials ;

- The Hanoi College of Architecture ;

- The Ho Chi Minh City College of Architecture.

Regarding other non-profit organizations including: Institutes, Centres and Technician Schools and Schools for Training Workers under the Ministry, and the Minister of Construction shall consult with other concerned Ministries and the Government's Organization-Personnel Committee for reformation of such organizations to be submitted to the Prime Minister of the Government for decision.




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Article 4. This Decree comes into force as from the date of its promulgation. Decree No.59-HDBT dated April 14, 1988 and other previous stipulations which are contrary to this Decree shall be abrogated.

The Minister of Construction, other Ministers, the Heads of the Ministerial-level Agencies and other offices under the Government and the Chairmen of the People's Committees of the provinces and centrally-ruled cities are responsible for the implementation of this Decree.






Vo Van Kiet